My Two Cents: Why You Don’t Need an Agent

Why use an agent when you can sell it yourself? Here are the good and the bad on FSBOs (For Sale By Owners). According to NAR (National Association of Realtors): Over 50% of FSBO sales typically take place when the seller and buyer knows each other. Over 60% of FSBO’s end in selling 10% or more “below” the market value than if they had used an agent Over 65% of FSBO’s end in in some sort of litigation or legal dispute costing them more than expected savings of selling on their own Most FSBO’s take... Read The Rest →

My Two Cents: When will condo prices drop?

Whether you’re seriously looking into getting into the real estate market or simply at a party striking up conversation, the talk of whether condo prices will drop is becoming more prominent. It is generally agreed that Toronto’s housing market is currently a seller’s market. Homes are getting multiple offers left and right and though there are little dips here and there – minor speed bumps in the grand scheme of things – average prices have been in an upward trend for the last 60 years. A speed bump is likely... Read The Rest →

My Two Cents: Listings That Go Wrong

A major source of frustration during my property searches comes from wrong information listed by agents on the MLS. This is an issue not only for the general public but for agents such as myself. Categorizing by property type is one of the most commonly erroneously-listed features. For example, when I search for a condo townhouse, I expect to see condo townhouses – not condo apartments. Wrong categorization of any feature not only affects the home buyer but it also affects the seller. As a seller, you want your agent to be on his or her game. Making a silly mistake like that can cause your listing to... Read The Rest →

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