Mortgage: Who do you go with – Broker or Bank Representative?

Very recently a client advised me that she was planning on speaking to her accountant regarding the financing of her home purchase. I advised her that she could talk to her accountant, but that at the end of the day the most helpful person for what she needed was a mortgage broker (or a similar bank representative).

Based on your income a mortgage broker will determine how much you can actually afford to spend.

Now who do you go with? A mortgage broker or a mortgage bank representative?

Well, I recommend my clients to a mortgage broker and here’s why:

1) They are familiar with a vast array of bank and non-bank products

2) They address your questions regarding mortgages from an unbiased standpoint

Plain and simple right? Exactly.

Ok, so I have convinced you to go with a broker… so who do you go with?

I recommend all my clients to David Larock. He is well known in the mortgage industry and has written articles for the Globe and Mail. Check him out at or follow him on Twitter at @Dave_at_IMP.

 Enjoy this infographic.



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