My Two Cents: Listings That Go Wrong

A major source of frustration during my property searches comes from wrong information listed by agents on the MLS. This is an issue not only for the general public but for agents such as myself. Categorizing by property type is one of the most commonly erroneously-listed features. For example, when I search for a condo townhouse, I expect to see condo townhouses – not condo apartments. Wrong categorization of any feature not only affects the home buyer but it also affects the seller. As a seller, you want your agent to be on his or her game. Making a silly mistake like that can cause your listing to go unseen by many potential buyers, extending the period it takes to sell, and could result in a lower sale price. Because many buyers are set up on automated systems that have agents sending them new listings according to specific criteria, an incorrect feature will result in missing a massive pool of potentially interested buyers. A simple suggestion that is far too often overlooked – categorize your property properly or risk losing in a whole lot of exposure. There’s my two cents!

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