Plain Real Estate: 10 Home Maintenance Tips

Summer has come and gone and now we must prepare our homes for the fall season! Here are 10 home maintenance tips that will help the seasonal transition go smoothly. 1.) Examine your roof/gutters/downspouts for debris: Your roof is often forgotten about because it is not at eye level to give you a subtle reminder every time you walk past it.  Clear leaves, dirt, and pine needles from gutters and examine downspouts for damage or loose pieces.  Check the flashing around your chimney and any openings in the roof, such as skylights... Read The Rest →

Plain Real Estate: 10 things you need to know when buying a home

Buying a home is the largest purchase you’ll likely make. No wonder you’re stressed. Where should you look? Can you afford it? What will happen if interest rates rise? It may all seem daunting, but you can make it more manageable with a little planning. Here are a few things to figure out before you make the leap. 1. Get your financial house in order Figure out your net worth, which is your assets less your liabilities. Assets are things like cash, investments, savings, cars, boats and so on, while... Read The Rest →

Plain Real Estate: Live at Broadview & Pottery

Just Listed! 1048 Broadview Avenue TH7 presented by See the video on YouTube’s TORealEstateTV! For more details, go to Contact me to find out about getting your own digital marketing plan in action!

My Two Cents: Why You Don’t Need an Agent

Why use an agent when you can sell it yourself? Here are the good and the bad on FSBOs (For Sale By Owners). According to NAR (National Association of Realtors): Over 50% of FSBO sales typically take place when the seller and buyer knows each other. Over 60% of FSBO’s end in selling 10% or more “below” the market value than if they had used an agent Over 65% of FSBO’s end in in some sort of litigation or legal dispute costing them more than expected savings of selling on their own Most FSBO’s take... Read The Rest →

Mortgage: Who do you go with – Broker or Bank Representative?

Very recently a client advised me that she was planning on speaking to her accountant regarding the financing of her home purchase. I advised her that she could talk to her accountant, but that at the end of the day the most helpful person for what she needed was a mortgage broker (or a similar bank representative). Based on your income a mortgage broker will determine how much you can actually afford to spend. Now who do you go with? A mortgage broker or a mortgage bank representative? Well, I recommend my clients to... Read The Rest →

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