Entertainment District & Fashion District

Entertainment District is home to theatres and performing arts centres, Toronto’s four major-league sports teams, and an array of cultural and family attractions. The most notable arrival to the area were nightclubs. In 1981 the Twilight Zone, Toronto’s first large dance club, opened in the area. The Entertainment District’s three phases span the past century: an industrial period, the entertainment period, and its ongoing transformation into a vibrant residential area.

The Fashion District original name of the neighbourhood was the Garment District and was almost wholly industrial. The new millennium brought about the Entertainment District’s residential phase. The number of developments in preconstruction is another exciting part of the transformation. The list of projects planned for the area is extensive and it’s a wonder how all these buildings will even fit in the space that is available. The established venues, bars, and restaurants will continue to be one of the most popular and lively parts of the city. The addition of residential buildings will actually create a safer environment, a fresh atmosphere, allowing residents to be at the centre of it all.


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Entertainment District & Fashion District

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