King West

What makes King West one of the hottest areas in Toronto to live and work in? Where there were once huge industrial operations and factories like Macgregor Socks, now sit modern Victorian-style townhomes. Where streets named Massey and Battery Road evoke the manufacturing plants that built the city, now rise spectacular lofts and condominiums served by nearby cafes, art galleries, trendy bars and restaurants, and parks. King West has given itself a branding makeover in the last decade and is now a destination for stylish, high-end restaurants. In recent years, King West has undergone a fantastic transformation that now epitomizes urban living in the city. But what really makes King West is the genuine sense of community – residents say that they actually know their neighbours, and see the same people jogging down the street, shopping and having espresso. It’s this ambience of community that pervades King West and allows the people here to be at home with urban living.


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King West

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